Energy Work-Reiki



Come and enjoy the many benefits that Reiki has to offer.  Reiki is suitable for people of all ages and can be effective in treating the healthy and the sick.  This ancient healing therapy can be used to replenish your energy, boost your immune system, strengthen your intution, clear toxins, promote a profound level of relaxation, and help ward off disease.  Reiki can also help in the treatment of such ailments as headaches, body aches/tension, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, stress, digestive disorders, actute and chronic disorders of all kinds.  Reiki should never be used as a replacement for medical care provided by licensed professionals, however it can complement the work of doctors, nurses, massage therapists, acupuncturists and more.

Shannon sets herself apart in the area of energy healing due to her highly intuitive healing gifts.  She will work with you on a deep level providing an environment for profound healing.  The session may include a visualization meditation with dialogue that offers immediate and extreme shifts within one treatment session.  Shannon continues to dedicate herself to personal and professional growth within this ancient art by continually and regularly working with her Reiki Master and mentor.

$75 for 1 hour (75 minute hour, includes assessment)
$90 for 1-1/2 hours
$120 for 2 hours

3 pack of 1 hour sessions $210 (almost 50% off of a session)

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