Simply Satisified Mindful Eating Program

Do you have a healthy relationship with food?  Do you eat for reasons OTHER than hunger?  Are you satisfied in MOST areas of your life?  Simply Satisfied is the perfect vehicle to explore these and other road blocks you may have in regards to healthful eating practices.  This is a mindful eating program like no other, designed to change your ineffective eating patterns FOR GOOD!!! No more dieting, no more deprivation, weighing food, counting points, restrictive eating, yo-yo behavior, sound good?  Want to know the Simple Secret?  It’s meeting your unmet needs with what it is you are truly hungry for.  Not numbing or masking with food.  Join me for an 8 week mindful eating program that focuses on getting to the heart of ineffective, unhealthy eating patterns. We dig deep in a loving, compassionate, caring environment as we uncover your unmet needs.  Be it emotional, physical or intellectual, we will figure it out while also discovering YOUR triggers for eating when you are not hungry.  That is the key to maintaining a healthy weight and transforming your relationship with food!

Coaching Package includes:

Eight 60 minute sessions focusing on self-inventory, rating your current level of satisfaction in all areas of life, and excavating the reasons for current ineffective eating patterns (a.k.a. unmet needs).  You will be given tools to become an expert in your own self care, providing yourself the opportunities to nourish with EXACTLY what it is that you are hungry for; thus minimizing the need for “non-hunger” eating! You will have the ability to return to the intuitive eater you were born to be!

Coaching Fee $480.00 –includes written materials, unlimited email support, weekly updates and on-going support of personalized coaching plan guaranteed to assist you in reaching your fullest potential.


MINDFUL MOMENTS Coaching Package

  • How would you live your life differently if you found out that today was your last day on earth?
  • What choices would you make, what would you avoid, embrace, share, say?
  • What are your life’s most precious moments?  Do you give them away to mindless worry, anxiety and unhappiness?
  • What details can you recall from your daily experiences.  Can you truly see the extraordinary in the ordinary?
  • Cannot recall, not sure?
  • Would you like to experience, savor and live your life more mindfully, I mean really LIVE your life moment by moment as if you would not get these moments back?

Guess what? None of us get our moments back.  None of us know how much time we have here on Earth!  Take back your moments and savor the extraordinary within the ordinary, refusing to surrender this gift we call life to unnecessary mind chatter, worry, fear or anxiety.  Mindfulness is simply paying attention to the present moment, on purpose, without judgment.  It is a beautiful gift that allows us to plug into life, yes even the difficult moments, and purposefully pay attention in a particular way.

Sign up today for my 6 week Mindful Moments Practice that promises to change your life FOREVER! This is your life, it’s not a dress rehearsal, and the time is now.  LIVE YOUR LIFE!  What is stopping you, a full schedule, stress, guess what?  Doesn’t matter, you can even learn to live mindfully among the chaos.  Don’t give away your moments to external distractions any longer!

Coaching Package fee $360.00 includes workbook and unlimited email support.  Sign up today!

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