No Rest For The Warriors!



My family and I took a trip to Pease Air Force Base today to welcome home 250 troops arriving from Afghanistan.  We were there with 500 other supporters who came out to show USA pride.  The cheers, whistles and screeches were deafening as the soldiers made their way down the “Heroes Walk.”  This walkway is the direct connection between customs and beginning the process of making their way home to their families, on their Nation’s soil.  The walls were lined with hearts filled with gratitude, admiration and pride.  The cheers were loud, laden with love, kindness and compassion.  The welcome home that all of our Nation’s Patriots deserve.  This, their first stop, upon “entering country” didn’t disappoint as there was food, phones, free gifts for themselves and to share with family, as well as tons, loads and more support than you could fathom.  Who would think, in this small area of the country, that the welcoming could be so mighty!

I donned my blue Ladies Auxiliary shirt decorated with my membership and flag pins.  My two daughters draped in their blue sashes, symbols of their commitment as Junior Girls, stood greeting and shaking hands.  The words “thank you” slipping through shy lips.  I stood proud.  Proud of them, proud of my husband, who we affectionately call the “cohort” whistling a deafening pitch, proud of the soldiers, and proud of the other 496 folks there to throw their arms around these heroes and heroines.

Given the state of the country, with all of the recent troubles, it was heartwarming to realize that some do not stop working no matter what.  There are some brave souls, who no matter what, don’t take days off, don’t shut down and just keep on keepin’ on!  We must not EVER EVER EVER take this for granted.  Come out, support these tireless giants.  Check out the Pease Greeters, sign up for the emailed flight schedules.  Put on your red, white and blue, wave a flag and just come out and show your support.  Sign up for the VFW, Ladies Auxiliary, Jr. Girls Division, or any other Veteran’s support organization.

Show your support for the tireless, brave, strong, committed, determined men and women of our country that risk their lives, each and every day for our freedom.  For it was said today “these men and women are the security blanket that we all sleep under each night.”

What can you do today to support these service men and women?

Yours In Freedom,


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  1. Madeline Dreusicke
    Madeline Dreusicke at |

    Your words are beautiful Shannon and it was truly a life changing experience for Jorg and I as well as the rest of the folks that came with us. For me it was the room filled with telephones that started the flood of tears for I remember the phone call I received from Jorg when he was back on American Soil from Korea many many years ago. To see those brave men and women who have put everything on the line to protect the very same people that lined the walkway to Welcome Them Home will remain forever pressed within my heart. To shake their hands, give them a smile and a hug seems like such a small token of appreciation for what they do and are willing to do to keep us all safe. We are truly a nation of heroes for when the Fight for Freedom echoes from the moutain tops the call is forever answered by the faces we saw today. Thank you to you and your family for standing side by side with us and Welcoming these Heroes Home. I know in my heart we will stand once again, over and over, till they all come home. Love Madeline

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