Shannon provides group and individualized yoga instruction in a variety of settings for a variety of populations. You can find Shannon currently teaching group classes at Yoga Sanctuary in Litchfield, NH, Monday PM at 7:00.  Check out their website for times and a full schedule of classes.

One-on-one yoga sessions are held with utmost compassion and care. Together we will address the different aspects or “limbs” of yoga including; yamas (universal morality) and niyamas (personal observances), meditation, breathwork, physical practice and more. You will receive hands on assistance, evaluation of dysfunction and a thorough therapeutic treatment plan.  Shannon draws on her deep physical therapy knowledge and yoga practice to bring the highest level of function possible!

 A truly holistic approach that includes Thai Yoga-Shiatsu Bodywork.
The icing on the cake!

Please call 603-475-8791 or for scheduling today!

$75 for 1 hour (75 minute hour, includes assessment)
$90 for 1-1/2 hours (includes more Thai Yoga Bodywork)
$120 for 2 hours (includes more Thai Yoga Bodywork)

3 pack of 1 hour sessions $210 (getting a session for almost %50 off)

Book a semi-private session as couples or with a friend!


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