What Is The Shape of Your “Container”?


I attended a recent yoga class, much to the surprise of my own hesitation.  On any given day, I’d give my right arm to have the time to attend class.  The hesitation started before I even left the house.  I couldn’t name it, figure it out, or decipher what was going on internally for me.  All I know was that I had the time, there was a class and I…… didn’t want to go.  I was “all set.”  What I didn’t realize was that I wasn’t all set.  It is in these very moments that I truly need yoga.  In these very moments the true shifts take place.  In these very moments, the gifts of yoga are revealed and I must strongly encourage myself to attend class.  So I went.  I entered class, quiet, and settled into a reclined pose on my back so I wouldn’t have to interact with other students entering the studio.  Even the simple act of having to say hello to fellow students or the teacher seemed herculean.  I’m a pretty introverted person and this felt down right painful.

I lay there, with one hand on my belly and one on my heart center trying to ground myself and invite my attention to be here in the present moment.  I kept hearing the chatter, the distractions, my own inner voices saying “you should have just stayed home.”  The instructor announced that he was “going to take us all out of our comfort zones today” and that he “had a surprise for us.”  I thought, how perfect!  I’m not in the mood and now I have to be uncomfortable.  He turned off all of the lights.  We started in a forward fold, he instructed us to go inward, now that there were no external distractions, no lights, no images, no conversation.  Just me, my mat and my introspective forward fold.  Then it began……  I couldn’t stop crying.   If you ask me what I was crying for, I couldn’t tell you.  I have no idea, and because the lights were off, I let it flow, and flow and flow.  When I felt sufficiently finished, I sniffed my way through my sun salutations.

He then put on dance music and we danced like the Hindu God Shiva.  We were enthusiastically jumping from one foot to the other touching opposite hand to opposite ankle.  We did this for 5 minutes.  The roller coaster went the other way, I was so elated, so overcome with love and joy, I wanted to scream out my love for this class and the teacher.  I was soooo grateful.

I thanked him after class and didn’t quite know how to put into words what my experience was like.  He said “I only created the container, you filled it.”  I thought about that for a couple of days and you know something….. he’s right.

There are so many opportunities to create the container of life.  The container of the present moment.  It doesn’t matter what you fill it with, joy, sorrow, bliss, work, play, what matters is that you welcome it all.  The good, the bad and the well…you get the idea.  Had I skipped out on yoga that morning, I would have skipped out on this wonderful opportunity to shift energy that obviously needed to be shifted.  What it was doesn’t matter!  It happened, I let it and it was over.

Be present, be the filler of your container, let the container be what it will be.  Maybe it will be preparing a meal, washing dishes, having lunch with a friend.  Welcome it all!  Fill your container to the brim with life’s present moments.  Remember, nothing stays the same for very long so just welcome it all!  Ride the wave of life’s emotions, experiences and moments!

Cheers to our containers!
Yours In Fullness,

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    Very nicely shared, Shannon. I imagine this must be TJ. How lucky we are to have such fabulous teachers of the Science of Yoga. What a blessing to be reminded of our True Nature. Much love to you both. Please give TJ my best as you will most likely see him before I do. ;^>

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