Here are a few testimonials about Shannon Sprague.

“I want to tell you that you are a gifted body worker. You stay with the essence of things, the very place that needs entering for any transformation to happen. You hold a sincere space. This is your power, my friend, and I am honored to surrender and receive the gifts of your touch in that space.”
-Brenda Girolamo, Massage Therapist, Artist, Author, Tai Chi Teacher


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Shannon since August 1995 when we met in the physical therapy office I worked.  In walked this wonderful young lady who was interested in becoming a physical therapist herself and wanted to volunteer to develop more of an understanding of the career choice she was making.  Fast forward 18 years later and not only did she become a physical therapist, but a wellness coach, a personal trainer, a mindful eating coach, a yoga instructor, a reiki healer and now a thai yoga  massage therapist.

Shannon is a very skilled student who is able to take her knowledge and translate it to others healing process.  As a physical therapist myself, I find it very important to have many “tools” in your “tool box” because no two people are the same and one specific treatment will not work for everyone.  Her wealth of knowledge in these many areas of healing makes each individual certification specialty that more powerful to the receiver.

I had the opportunity of Shannon performing the thai yoga massage on me recently for muscle soreness in my hip  as well as my foot from injuries sustained in a car accident 8 months ago.  After one treatment, my hip that was hurting to even lay on in bed, felt amazing and 90% pain free.  My foot that has been my main source of discomfort felt 50% improved in regards to pain and this is after traditional physical therapy was exhausted and two cortisone injections later.  I truly believe in this approach and would recommend it to many of my patients as a gentle way to help with pain relief.
-Kelli Baron, Physical Therapist
Northeast Rehabilitation Network 


“Shannon Sprague is an extraordinarily talented body worker, wellness coach and yoga teacher. She brings all her expertise to the table when working one-on-one or in a group setting. I am very lucky to have been a client and student of Shannon’s for Thai Yoga Massage, Yoga and her Mindful Eating Program. I am always amazed by the depth of her knowledge as a physical therapist, yogini and student of life. Whether she is teaching or moving my body, there is always safety and a great sense of ease because I trust her explicitly. You, too, will benefit greatly by any association you have with Shannon.”
-Priscilla (Ananda) Flynn Belisle, Owner, Director, Principal Teacher
Yoga Sanctuary, LLC, Litchfield, NH www.yogasanctuary.com 


 “The depth of awareness I gained around my relationship to food through Shannon Sprague’s Mindful Eating workshop was profound. It has not only changed the way I eat forever, but opened my eyes to so many other areas of my life that were calling for my attention. Thank you Shannon!

Shannon Sprague is a living example of how mindfulness can bring grace, beauty and wholeness to every aspect of your life. She lives her work. She is an authentic and loving teacher.”
-Melanie Holden, RPT, Owner Physica Center for Healing and Education


“When I first met Shannon, I was very much emotionally addicted to food. It was the center of everything I did. I turned to it during times of happiness, sadness, boredom, and fatigue. I would no sooner finish one meal before I would be thinking about what next to eat. Subsequently, the pounds started to pack on, and I was mindlessly going through the actions of life.

When Shannon suggested her mindful eating workshop, I figured I had nothing to lose. At first I was skeptical. My eating patterns were learned habits that had been with me for my whole life. I didn’t think anything could change them, but by the second week, I started to understand that change was possible. It was going to take some work and determination, but it was possible. So I truly committed myself to the program, and amazing things started to happen. At first, it was a conscious practice of listening to my body’s signals of hunger and fullness. I learned through class to find other ways to take care of myself in times of stress, boredom, fatigue, etc. The extra pounds started to come off, and I began to feel better about myself. None of the old feelings of deprivation or guilt I had associated with diets or overeating were there. I was eating to live instead of living to eat. As the weeks passed, mindful eating became the habit that replaced my old bad ones. It was second nature for me to now make healthier choices and listen to my body’s signals. The continued weight loss is just an added bonus. The real gift was learning to live my life for me, not for food. I can’t possibly thank Shannon enough for opening my eyes to this knowledge. It has truly been inspiring.”


“Shannon is a very bright light in the areas of consciousness, awareness and mindfulness. She always comes impeccably prepared and ready for whatever arises in a class.

Having completed her 8 week class on Mindful Eating, I am so much more aware of what, why, where and how I eat. I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin and less self conscious about my weight and body image. I eat to enjoy my food now and can easily decide what and how much to eat without guilt. The bonus? I’ve dropped a few pounds without even trying!

Shannon comes to this work with excellent credentials as a Coach, Physical Therapist and Yoga teacher. She carries these titles way beyond their parameters, however, by means of her innate intuition and caring personality. Shannon always holds the energy of the circle of participants so everyone feels totally welcome, safe and completely heard. There is anonymity agreed upon which increases the trust and allows for deeper sharing.

Although Shannon is able to coax deep understanding through her explanation and discussion of topics, she also has a playful humorous streak which I thoroughly appreciate. She knows laughter really is the best medicine.

I would happily register for any class Shannon offers and encourage others to do the same. You’ll be very glad you did.”
-Priscilla (Ananda) Flynn, Owner, Director, Principal Teacher
Yoga Sanctuary, LLC, Windham, NH


“I had the honor of experiencing Shannon’s extraordinary coaching skills! I participated in the Mindful Eating Program – Simply Satisfied! The past 8 wks flew by so fast, and I’m a changed person. I’ve learned so much about myself, I am not in denial anymore about my feelings, I truly am my own best friend! I realized that I love myself! And I owe it all to Shannon and Jennifer L. Shannon’s personality fits perfectly with her teaching/coaching skills.

I highly recommend this program, if you have always put yourself last, and you now want to reconnect with yourself, and dig a bit deeper… Call Shannon, and get started today! A time for Wellness is now!”
Lisa Foster, Reiki Master, Owner of Beyond Lotus Touch-Reiki Therapy Chelmsford, MA (Dracut, MA)

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